Unilock: Updates and new Roadmap

2 min readJan 15, 2021

Hello everyone, we hope you’re having a fruitful crypto trading season. We’re writing this article to inform you of the current status of Unilock, what to expect shortly, and the new roadmap that we’ve decided on.

So far, Unilock managed to deliver on its promise. Our service was used by more than 10 projects and 500 ETH were collected throughout all presales, but hey, there’s a lot to come. Our team has been in contact with several projects, providing them with details on how to run their presales on Unilock, so expect several presales in the upcoming days.

The last major update was on the 8th of January: If you run your presale on Unilock, our smart contract will detect whether there’s already a pool on Uniswap using your project’s token address to avoid price manipulation.

From now on, if you’re going to use Unilock to run your campaign, make sure there is no Uniswap pool with your token address. Else, the presale will fail and people will be able to withdraw their money.

New roadmap:

  • Token Lock: Unilock will provide its users with a new set of features to allow projects to lock their tokens (team, marketing, and dev tokens, etc..) for a certain period of their choice. A new interface is being developed for this, specifically. We advise projects to use the “token lock feature” when they are running their presale on our platform. This will give you more credibility and integrity to convince investors to participate in your campaign.

NB: This feature can be used separately from presales. You don’t need to host a presale to lock your tokens.

  • Liquidity tokens lock: Just like ‘token lock’, Unilock will provide its users with a new interface to lock LP tokens. The perk of using Unilock’s LP token lock feature is that you can increase the duration lock even when the liquidity tokens are still in “lock”.

NB: This feature is to be used separately from presales, this is entirely a new service that Unilock will provide.

Release dates:

1 — On the 22nd of January, the “Token Lock” module will be deployed and ready to be used.

2 — LP tokens lock feature will be launched 2 weeks after the “lock launch”, approximately on the 5th of March.

3 — Supporting multiple coins feature was already on our last roadmap, but we decided to cancel it for now, due to the fact it’s trivial compared to other features. Staking platform is under-developement and will be launched in the near future just after we publish the first and the second feature on our roadmap.

We will publish two separate articles for each feature containing more information soon.

If you have some questions, feel free to contact us.


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