Unilock: Token Split

1 min readMay 7, 2021


Good day to everyone.

Unilock has grown enormously during the past the few months, and right now we’re bigger more than ever. The platform is being used on a regular basis and we’ve hosted more than 40 presales, across both Ethereum’s and and Binance Smart Chain.

Recently, the community suggested that we increase our token supply to bring in more retail investors, since certain people had an unjustifiable fear from the 500 token supply.

A poll was hosted on our Telegram group and the community has spoken its mind. The new token supply will be 10 million tokens.

A new token has already been created. All required information are:

NB: The increase in the token’s supply will have no effect whatsoever to how much in value you currently own.

Example: If you own 1 UNL token, that means you’ll receive 20,000 UNL tokens. Their value will remain the same.

How can I swap my old tokens with the new ones?

We’ve prepared a swapping page on our platform to allow token swaps.

  • Head over to https://unilock.network/app/#/tokensplit
  • Click on Approve, then Swap.
  • Once is the transaction is through, you’ll receive your new UNL tokens and your old tokens are going to be locked within the token-split smart contract.

— Token Split Smart contract is already public on our Github.

Link: https://github.com/unilock1/unilock/blob/main/UNLsplit.sol