Unilock: Campaigns Redefined.

Case Scenarios:

  • If the campaign reaches the SoftCap, it is considered as a success. Once the “End Date” is reached, any member of the community can lock the liquidity, resulting in the creation of a Uniswap Pool following the “Percentage Allocated to Uniswap” value. (Keep in mind, the hard cap was not reached).
  • If the campaign’s HardCap is attained, the campaign is considered as a success as well. The campaign’s owner or any community member can create the pool and lock the liquidity, regardless of the “End Date” being reached or not.
  • If the campaign accumulated a lesser amount than the SoftCap, the campaign fails. Once it ends, all money collected throughout the campaign will be sent back to participants, automatically.

End Goal:

Voting System:

  • Number of votes: 17
  • Minimum UNL required to launch a campaign: 1.15 UNL
  • Fees: 2.33%

Your funds are SAFU :

unilockFactory.sol: Line 110.uniLock(campaign_address).initilaize(_data,_token,msg.sender,_pool_rate,_lock_duration,_uniswap_rate);unilock.sol: Line 432.function initilaize(uint[] calldata _data,address _token,address _owner_Address,uint _pool_rate,uint _lock_duration,uint _uniswap_rate) external returns (uint)
uniLock.sol:Line 490:function failed() public view returns(bool){
if((block.timestamp >= end_date) && (softCap > collected)){
return true;

return false;
uniLock.sol:Line 510:function isLive() public view returns(bool){
if((block.timestamp < start_date)) return false;
if((block.timestamp >= end_date)) return false;
if((collected >= hardCap)) return false;
return true;
unilock.sol:Line 465:function uniLOCK() public returns(uint){
require(locked ==0,'Liquidity is already locked');
require(!isLive(),'Presale is still live');
require(!failed(),"Presale failed , can't lock liquidity");
require(softCap <= collected,"didn't reach soft cap");
require(addLiquidity(),'error adding liquidity to uniswap');
locked = 1;
unlock_date = (block.timestamp).add(lock_duration);
return 1;

function addLiquidity() internal returns(bool){
uint campaign_amount = collected.mul(uint(IUniLockFactory(factory).fee())).div(1000);
if(uniswap_rate > 0){
IUniswapV2Router02(address(IUniLockFactory(factory).uni_router())).addLiquidityETH{value : campaign_amount.mul(uniswap_rate).div(1000)}(address(token),((campaign_amount.mul(uniswap_rate).div(1000)).mul(pool_rate)).div(1e18),0,0,address(this),block.timestamp + 100000000);
return true;
uniLock.sol:Line 456:function unlock(address _LPT,uint _amount) public returns (bool){
require(locked == 1 || failed(),'liquidity is not yet locked');
require(block.timestamp >= unlock_date ,"can't receive LP tokens");
require(msg.sender == owner,'You are not the owner');
uniLock.sol:Line 499:function withdrawFunds() public returns(uint){
require(failed(),"campaign didn't fail");
require(participant[msg.sender] >0 ,"You didn't participate in the campaign");
uint withdrawAmount = participant[msg.sender].mul(uint(IUniLockFactory(factory).fee())).div(1000);
participant[msg.sender] = 0;





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